Why i have: "<Response [500]>"

Why i have: “<Response [500]>”. I dont have it on my pc and all my code is working. How can i fix it?
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The proxy is on your local computer and is not accessible to anyone on the internet except for you.

When this code is run locally on your pc, it can access locally hosted stuff like the proxy. Replit does not run on your device; it runs on google servers in USA or India.
So it cant access the proxy unless you port forward(can be dangerous) or set up a tunnel(like cloudflare tunnels that dont port forward)

I’m pretty sure that it means you have an error in your backend code. 500 stands for Internal Server Error and shouldn’t have anything to do with your client. Check your code in the backend to see if there are any errors in the console.

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There isn’t a backend. It’s just Python.

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I don’t see any error.

Um, if you’re using Python Flask or an alternative framework, that is the backend…

There should be an error, try replicating your steps so that it shows Error 500 again and then check the console.