Why has my topic been closed/locked?

Topics can be closed by our awesome team of staff or Leaders. Topics will automatically be closed 7 days after the last reply once a post is marked as a solution¹. If the topic is deleted it will be closed for 24 hours before it disappears. There are a few other ways topics can be automated be closed but those rarely happen.

Chances are if your topic is closed you are NOT in any kind of trouble. If you are you will be sent a message saying that the topic was closed and why. If you disagree with the reason you can explain why in that same message.

We like locking old topics and ones that have been solved since it helps prevent people from replying to old topics with new problems when it should be their own topic. It prevents any unnecessary notifications from going to people that don’t want them and it also helps the forum stay clean.

¹If you think the topic should be reopened after being closed since a post was marked as a solution please flag your topic as something else and explain why it should be reopened. Just because you request for your topic to be reopened does not mean it will be.