Why does my webview just show a / instead of the url

why does my webview just show a / instead of the url

this happens on all my repls


I know you can just open it in a new tab to get the URL but it used to just display where the / is

The URL is no longer shown above the webview, because by the first of January next year, Replit plans to do
repl.co, which were shown above the webview, make available only if someone is in the editor of this repl. This means that repl.co links can no longer be used for hosting or shared with anyone. So you don’t need to show these links anymore.


does this mean I cant just send the link to a friend anymore?

You will only be able to share websites made on Replit if you deploy them. Static repls[1] will soon be able to be deployed without a credit card. Non-static repls will require a paid plan to host them.

  1. repls without a backend ↩︎

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so I can just deploy my repl for free and then I can share the link to anybody again?

If the repl is static yes. Or if it’s not a website then you can share it like normal (e.g., normal Python).

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