Why does my replit keep stopping when I press run?

How can I fix this? What is causing it?

My Replit: https://adopt-me-value-calculator.chloeaalba1.repl.co/

I ran your Repl and opened it in a new tab. It doesn’t seem to be stopping for me.

It is supposed to show a scratch project, is it showing that? Or is it just blank?

It’s just showing a white screen.

Every time I press the run button it stops running. And that causes the website to not even run the code I have. It worked before but It doesnt work with this bug now. How can I fix this?

After forking your Repl, I see what you mean. I believe the problem is the overflow: hidden in your body tag. Removing that worked for me.

Consider moving that into the CSS file:

body {
	overflow: hidden;
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