Why does literally nobody run my published repls?

I’ve seen really simple repls gain hundreds of runs just a few hours after published. However, the two repls I’ve published never got run by anyone other than myself; when I came back a few days later the Run counter staid at whichever number I left it.

I think that my repl’s icon and cover are good, the description is descriptive, and all 5 tags I chose are relevant. I don’t know what I missed.

Specific questions/hypotheses:

  • Do the owners of popular repls do self-promotion somewhere to make them so popular? I didn’t see them do so when I went to their profile, though.
  • Or is it because they’re my first published repls and Replit has to make sure that they’re not spam before they show them to other users?
  • Or is it sort of random? (Most likely not.)

(And, yes, I know that it might just be that my repls are not of enough interest.)

In case it’s not obvious, I’m new to this community. Any advice would be appreciated!


I think its luck. If you get lucky if people run your repl and like it and stuff it would get on to hot and that would probably get it boosted a lot.

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Hey @setup7234,

sometimes getting people see you repl isn’t a task, but there are some solutions! So let’s start with them :

  1. Follow people, if you follow people, when you publish a repl in their feed they will see that you published a repl. If you get a like from your followers it’s very good because in their followers feed it’ll appear that they liked your repl!

  2. Send your repl link through the share repl channel in the replit Discord. People always look at the repl share channel and say about those repls, ask things and more. I’m sure that you’ll get a like from someone you came from the replit discord!

  3. Showcase them in the showcase subcat #general:showcase. It’s a new cat that was created just a few days ago. There will be a guide on how to post a good topic in #general:showcase, it’ll be posted soon on #welcome, so just wait a little bit of time an go check it!

  4. Join replit hackathons. I’m a replit rep, and in less than a week a hackathon created by me will be made, we will showcase some projects in the results, so that might be a good idea. It’s on the yt channel so if you’re interested go check it out!

  5. Join the repls showcases. Sometimes Dillion and Techpandapro do repl showcases, and even tip! I recommend submitting your repl, like that you’ll get some people to see it!

That’s all I can say, I hope this helps!


Got it. Thanks for the huge and nicely formatted list! :smiley:

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You just gotta make a name for yourself by making people like you. For example, help a noob with code, or give positive feedback on a Repl you like. These people will follow you or check out your profile, and run your Repls to see what you are up to.

Or you could intimidate them, whatever floats your boat.