Why does firewalledreplit exist?

I use it because regular replit is blocked on my school computer, but I am still wondering why it actually exists.


Because it does not have acess to community features. So schools may want students to code with out being able to chat with others. Or for privacy.


You can read more about it in their docs: https://docs.replit.com/getting-started/firewalled-replit


Basically, it’s Replit’s way of making the schools trust that no proxy will be hosted on firewalledreplit if Replit’s not allowed. (Or something like that. To my understanding, it’s all the unblocked/proxy stuff on Replit that made Replit create firewalledreplit).

Yet, when I host a project, the project link that you get is blocked for me. Yes, repl.co is allowed but firewalledreplit.co is blocked ;-; I don’t understand the presented logic here.

That’s an issue with what sites your school has blocked, not Replit. If it’s an issue because it’s sitting, you could talk to your school’s technician/s/IT.