Why do you think deployments are good?

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@not-ethan Just curious, why do you think the deployment change was a good decision?

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I like deployments themselves. But I dont like how you are forced to use them


Replit was incredible with the possibility of developing a web site and allowing people to access it automatically by giving the URL.
But we can all understand it was extremely expensive for Replit to have so many servers started every day and maybe every minute with pingers to keep them alive and host Discord Bot.

Even if it was wonderful, I understand the change to make the dev websites only available while testing, even testing with other people, but at least we are not able now to make them available 24/24.

Deployment was a good idea because it means that when the site is ok, ready for production, just like in any company, we can push it to a server where it will be online and ready to be used with no changes possible and maximum availability.

It is a good idea but Replit, as always, went too quickly from all dev hosting to all production hosting. Why ?

  • The deployments are not stable enough to host important websites. We had some issues
  • We cannot access the files on the deployment server. In most companies, even if we use modern packaging like Docker or other deployment tools, we almost always have the possibility to go on the server and check some files (logs or other files). Now we cannot connect to the deployment server to read something.
  • There is no persistent filesystem : we have been used to develop in dev and start the Repl to have it available on web. We could use files, change them, store data in sqlite, in filesystem. Everything is gone with Deployment because everytime you deploy you lose everything created on the previous deployment server. That’s the cause in some real life production server but most of the time we can host file on persistent filesystem and do exactly what we did with on dev. Adding postgres or gcs is not the same solution as a real filesystem and it is a very very big step for amateur developer to be able to deploy anything seriously
  • Price : even if i fully understand the need of stopping giving free hosting, I feel the Reserved VM are a bit expensive to be able to host a single Discord Bot. Autoscale are not meant to host 24/24 tasks, even if they use small compute amount. There is a place for another type of deployments : bots, on very small VM and less expensive.

In fact forcing people to use Deployments is very good to make people learn how a big company is making programs in 2023. We need to be serious, professional, to be able to deploy correctly. It’s a big step from dev to production, it has been done too quickly by Replit and it will prevent young people from using it to host sites but maybe that’s the only solution to make companies come and use Replit.