Why Do You Like Coding?

So in the last poll, Python won! But why do you like coding and/or why do you like your favorite language. Personally I like Python since it is simple and can do relatively a lot of functions.


C isn’t my only “favorite” language, but it’s one of them. I like it because it’s simple, fast, and cross-platform. I can create a program in a repl, and then I can usually copy the source code to e.g. an openbsd shell account and compile it there.


I do not have a fav language, just some i like less.
As for why coding? I am an oldie here, so when i was very young (like 7), my father brought home this amazing machine, the Olivetti M10. Tiny, few lines screen and i could tell it what to do. Amazing. And i was doomed …


It’s extremely fast, it’s syntax is easy to use, and you are more productive when you use it. It also supports both front-end and backend development .


You didn’t even mention the language :laughing:

(for anyone wondering, it’s Nim)


@SalladShooter dude, you didn’t have to make me question 5-6 months of my life and why I try ;-;

This is actually a really big question for me as I really don’t know why I code. Some people will say it’s to solve problems but I have no problems to solve.

I think to answer this question, I have to go back to when I started: I learned basic HTML and learned more and more until I got a strong grip on HTML/CSS. Notice how I skipped JS (My class used code.org which is fake JS (or something like that) because it shows how to draw triangles and circles. It teaches important skills but it’s essentially useless mastering. I am now finally learning actual JS with Codecademy and I rather like it.) Now, don’t hate on me, Replit (I didn’t use Replit to make this, I used VSCode) my first project that was useful was a games site that had a few games. This eventually led up to making a good games site that I use from time to time. It got really popular and it’s why/how I learned HTML, basically. Later, I went on to create more useful sites like a real-time chat application which I regularly use with my friends.

I realized that, yes, I code to solve problems. I was bored, I solved that by creating a games site. I couldn’t talk to my friends, so I make a chat app so I can talk to my friends. A lot of my projects revolve around these little things that I need from time to time.

I also realize that I never really saw a purpose for coding until today :confused: but finally I know why I code. Thanks @SalladShooter!


I got into coding because my weird ideas could come to life (after… you know… a few months…)


I like HTML Python i have an question what use the python

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Why I like coding most of times some times :sweat_smile:

  • There’s something magical about being able to make a computer perform tasks that would be impossible without programming. It’s a feeling of power and accomplishment that I find exhilarating.

  • I have a knack for understanding complex and abstract systems, which is a valuable skill in programming. I enjoy the challenge of breaking down a problem into its component parts and finding elegant solutions.

  • Programming can be complex and frustrating at times, but when things finally click and everything falls into place, it’s an amazing feeling. It’s the kind of satisfaction that comes from overcoming a difficult challenge. If programming were easy, it wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding.

  • I enjoy problem-solving, and I find that writing code is the most formal way to fully understand a problem. It allows me to delve deep into the details of a particular issue and explore potential solutions in very detailed way. There is some beaty in extreme formal way of explaining some problem. The code of a program explains the problem accurately without any ambiguity, unlike human language, which is highly open to interpretation. I find some level of beaty from detailed formal explanations of problems compared to ambiguity explanations of human language. :smiley:


well tbh i think i like breaking code more than actually creating it XD

I enjoy coding because it makes me look cool in front of my friends I honestly have no idea. I originally came from Scratch (ahhhh I know it’s block coding) and then did some C# (no idea why) then moved to Python… boom! Loved it. I still do it and don’t have any clue why. I think for me it has to do with the idea of making something new, except it’s more challenging than just writing down how to do it, I actually have to figure it out, which (IG) is fun. Yeah, I still don’t know why, I just like it though. :)

I just enjoy coding. I like the challenge and the idea. I also came from scratch, but moved onto python. I enjoy making games, and other random bits of code.

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I like coding because it really forces me to solve problems on my own and in a way that it can be adaptable to different scenarios. My favourite part of it is definitely making small apps that make use of the latest and greatest browser/OS APIs, especially when it interacts with hardware.


I agree! Python is really easy, and you can make relatively cool programs pretty easily.

I like coding because I can express my creativity by making amazing things.

For my favourite programming language, I like javascript the most but I’m probably biased because I’ve been using that language for the longest time. However I’m trying to learn Rust.

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I like coding since you can make cool stuff, my favorite language is Python right now but it might change to Mojo which is a superset of python that makes it faster, it’s currently under development by Swift’s creator

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