Why do Replit buttons go missing?

Why do Replit buttons go missing? I mean, do they accidentally delete it?

Which of the buttons disappeared?

You keep seeing bug reports all over the forum. It only happened to me once, (it technically wasn’t a button, it was an input field), but yeah.

It’s probably just a one-off glitch, unless you are able to replicate it.

Oh yea, on the topic of bugs in the forum, I also sometimes get the message “Draft is being written in a different location.” or something of that nature. Probably because I was changing between WIFI and mobile data, but not sure how does that cause the issue.

I mean Replit buttons, not Ask buttons

Not a one-off, has happened twice (IIRC) to multiple people, and they will randomly disappear at other times too.

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Well I haven’t seen it yet myself, so I really can’t say anything about that.

Can you take a screenshot of the button for me?

I only experienced it once, and I haven’t took a screenshot. There are multiple topics about this problem, though.