Why do new users get free Pro but existing users dont?

Description of the problem (please keep it simple and short):

When I was making a new account I got a popup saying if you verified your phone number you would get 14 days free of pro

Why are new users getting this but existing users (or altesat myself who already verified my phone number) not getting free pro?

What areas or features are involved? Replit Pro plan


Probably to hook new users onto actually using their platform.


thats what many services do:

  1. They hide and obfusticate their pricing and make claims that only really apply for the free trial or with a string (or multiple!) attached to it
    e.g. Free webserver 24/7 (in reality you need to pay for compute)
  2. They automatically sign you up to the free trial without your consent
    e.g. Look at what you can do! Create an advanced “workflow” (or whatever it is) now before you realise that your free trial ends!
  3. They brag about your “access” to premium features
    Look, you get UNLIMITED textboxes on your website!
  4. They revoke it after you’ve settled in and force you to pay in a hostage situation
    Hey, look, you’re gonna have to pay us money or say good bye to your website, and don’t even think about exporting it bc we use our OWN PROPRIETARY STANDARDS FOR DOWNLOADS, ETC.

EDIT: for clarity, this is not to attack or one-up any one individual, party, company, or whole, but as an explanation of most business models of, well, businesses.


This new user onboarding thing is interesting.


Hey all!

I have asked the team what our criteria is for showing the popup and granting Pro for those who verify their phone #. I’m not sure if I will be able to release this information, but I will still find out!


Hey again!

This is a limited promotion we are trying out for new users, but we have more in store coming soon. However, that is all I can say about this.


Im assuming you cant share when the others would be coming?


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