Why do I get more resources than the billing page is telling me

Hello world,

I am looking at the billing page, I am on the free plan
and I am currently hosting a bot on repl, it seems like I have 1024MB of
memory, where per my plan it should only be 500MB, the docs
it says memory is a hard limit, I don’t understand, where did I get
those 524 extra megabytes when I just created this account, is
the billing page just outdated? Because I don’t even see a plan which has
1GB of RAM, the minimum I see is 2GB of RAM besides the free plan,

Anyways, thanks for the answers in advance :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s outdated. It says 1024 for me on my repls. Can you please file a bug report for this to be fixed?


Sure! Thanks for your answer :smiley:
Update: Reported the bug


Thank’s for reporting this, we’ll get it changed soon.


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