Why did Replit remove the Run button on the cover page?

I would like to request that Replit add back the functionality to “run” code without forking it.

I am a teacher and I use replit for my 60 students. When I teach a lesson, I create a Repl, students fork and edit it, and then submit their links to me. When I go to grade their work, I used to be able to quickly run their code. Now, if I want to see if their code works, I have to fork every student’s Repl, which completely clogs my account with 60 copies of the same code. Please put this function back!

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Welcome to Ask! I agree that removing the run button is an inconvenience. In the meantime, you can have your students invite you to their repls so that you can run them without having to fork them.


I made a post about this and I totally agree :slightly_smiling_face:

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Replit removed the Run button because of their Deployment changes. Furthermore, they are purportedly trying to transition cover pages to being more code-centered and focused on the files.

Ah, the great disappearing act of Replit’s “Run” button! A round of applause for this stroke of genius for changing to these “better” DEPLOYMENTS. , no run button , no comments etc… Supposedly to improve Replit…But who needs simplicity when you can marvel at the beauty of cluttering your account with 60 identical copies? Kudos, Replit, for transforming a once-effortless task into a riveting saga of redundancy.


I HEAVILY agree.
I primarily use replit for projects I want to SHARE with others. Personal projects I do on my own computer. So to have people without a replit account unable to run…? It really hinders my usage.


welp, now if you want to make it public, all your users have to make an account if not already done and copy your project onto THEIR machine and then THEY have to run it, but wait, there’s more! As of this update you no longer can run a replit in a separate tab! AND you need to pay to deploy a repl if it uses an amount of data for 40 bucks a month for an amount of data you can buy with an amount of stray coins that anyone can find in their local back pocket. try replit now (most school chromebook users can’t run OR deploy repls because our program also now includes %50 more crappyness with the addition of refusing to reconnect.)


Atleast not for us (the free users),

@Replit should TAKE CARE about the Teams and Edu users.
I think they removed Teams and Edu (According to my last information)…

AIM: To help the next 1 BILLION Programmers … without helping Students and Teams

(I don’t have any proof or research but students are usually the biggest part of coders)…

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You still can make a team, but you have to get in touch with the Replit team (taken from Replit’s Pricing Page.