Why change hosting?

Recently, I noted that replit is making some… changes to hosting. Why? Replit is still making a lot of money off of the plans, always on (which they are removing), storage (another newer one), and all those other things I tend to ignore. Well, this change I cannot ignore because now replit is making some forceful changes that will change a lot!

Why change? As I said, you are making money. Now if you want a free domain, starting January, you have to pay for the Hacker or Pro plan. Those aren’t cheap. I want to stay with replit because of how nice there program is here and there interface, but I think I might have to move to Glitch (which I don’t like very much but I like free programming a whole lot better)! I think replit might be making a bad mistake.

I mean no rudeness to the replit company, but I am dissapointed. I came on to replit for the community, and benefits. Now I am stressed about finding a new programming website that runs python programs, flask, and gives free domains. I will not pay.

https://mileswk.glitch.me (used to be https://mileswk.repl.co)


@MilesWK Soon, you will be able to use Static Deployments for free, as stated by
Replit staff.


Bringing out my inner Qwerty, it should be our instead of are.


Okay! Yay! That sounds good! Yay! Oh wow that is awesome! I hope that is true!


Yeah! I wrote that in like 5 minutes so some of my writing might be incorrect. It feels good that @not-ethan liked this. It was a gamble because I didn’t know if moderation would take this down and ban/warn me.

It is true. Reading surrounding messages clarifies that this should apply to all users, not just students.

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So, HTML/CSS/JS will be free?

All Repls will be free, you will be able to deploy static HTML, CSS & JS Repls for free within your egress limits.


Correct. Any static website that does not require a full backend will be free with Static deployments, as long as you do not exceed the limit of 10GB of egress.