Why can't I fork retro bowl

When I try to fork retro bowl it says you can’t fork this project because it possibly violates the community guidelines

::: Retro Bowl link replit dot com forward slash @FakhirFrazier/Retro-Bowl?v=1

If it possibly violates the community guidelines, I advise you not to try to fork it.

why its just a game and 700 other people forked it before me

Zero people forked it at the link you provided because that is a fork. The one with 700+ forks is here. Regardless, I get the same error. I repeat my advice to stop trying to fork this Repl. If it does violate Replit’s ToS, you’ll be glad it’s not in your account.

how does it break tos tho there is noting bad on it

I don’t know. The account that created it says they do proxies. Replit gets upset about proxies for various reasons.

Account Profile


It’s a game which you do not own the copyright for, so you can’t publish a site which hosts it. Neither can all the other forks, so they’ve been reported too.


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