Why can't I create a new team?

Why can’t I create a new team?

I thought I was maxed out or something, so I deleted a team, but I still can’t create one?

Hey Qwerty! “Limited to 5 teams…” is telling me you might be maxed out and that it’s counting the teams that you are the owner of. (If you’re not sure if you’re the owner, go into the team and click “Manage Team Members” and you’ll be able to see what role you have in the team.)


As far as I know, you can’t delete a team unless you’re the owner, so I’m pretty sure I deleted one that I owned. Anyway just looking at the list I know I don’t own most of them, and I’m only in 8.


Good q! I looked into this and the team is counted towards your limit if you are Owner or Admin.


So you should create 5 teams when you create your account, because you’ll be unable to create more after?

Could you possibly consider making a PR to make only teams that a user owns count and just see if it gets merged?

No, you can’t change the team slug after creating it.

I’ve found a way to demote myself if I’m an admin in a team.

  1. Generate a join link for the team
  2. Leave the team
  3. Join the team via the join link

That way I have more free slots open without leaving the team forever.


Can you add an alt, make the alt admin, remove and re-add yourself, make a new team, and make your main admin again?


Not sure that you can do that as an admin. I might try it.


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