Why can't I connect to the website

Why can’t I connect to the website is a loopback IP address. The code must be running on your local machine for you to access that. Repls are run in the cloud rather than on your machine.

Instead, what you need to do in your code, is set the ip to, so that it uses its public IP address, allowing you to access it.


Hi @Residual2023528 ! Could you explain more on the problem that you are facing?
A link to your repl will also be helpful.

the website is hosted on your repl, so you can’t access it from your web browser.
And you probably want the website to be available outside the repl, so you should allow it to use the default IP, ::, instead. Then it should open your website in the webview

server.listen(80, () => console.log(`Server is alive!`))

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