Why can I not type into my shell

Problem description

When I try to start codon node.js I go to type in the shell tab, it simply does nothing and says working… at the top of the screen. I was just wondering why it has not been working for the past couple of hours.

Expected behavior

I should be able to type my code right into there and have it show up on my console.

Actual behavior

it does absolutely nothing

Steps to reproduce

you need to go to this place and yea




Mac OS

Device if mobile




Hi @24demontineyl welcome to the forums!
Are the Run button and files also saying ‘Working’? Or is it just the Shell tab?

Try using the prybar variants (when creating a new repl, e.g. “Node.JS (with prybar)”), which support code execution directly in the console.

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The problem here is about the Shell nit loafing; how is that related to the Prybar?

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Oh i thought it was a consioe issue

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