Why aren't my Repls getting recognized?

Why are my Repls not getting recognized?

I feel like my Repls have the potential to be trending but they never get there. One of my Repls reached 1.2k runs with 70 comments and yet a Repl with 8 comments and 50 runs gets on the home page.

I just don’t understand what makes something trending. Some answers or speculations are helpful.

Its also based on how long it takes. And if its not published to community it will never get to trending


It is published. If I give the Repl constant updates could it be recognized? Or would I have to re-upload and publish it?

I do not know. Only Replit staff know the exact formula or what ever it is

Even if you publish lots of times, it still needs to get runs and likes quickly after published, their is probably an algorithm like: ((runs / x) + likes) / time which would influence whether your repl trends.

runs* not rubs lol. What’s the value of x btw?

Wait… are you the one who made Stonks sim?

x was to represent a random unknown value replit likely had, let’s say maybe it’s 20, so ((runs / 20) + likes) / time.

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If it was really that simple I could publish anything and get it trending in a minute with a run bot =/


Honestly people should not focus on recognition but in building a project they love and eventually others might like it too. At least on replit.


Too*. Yes, that’s true, don’t build projects just for recognition. You’ll give up extremely fast. Instead, build projects because you love doing it. If you do that, recognition will follow. (Money, even.)

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