Why Are There So Many Chat Repls?

Why are there so many “chat” Repls on Replit. Chat Repls being Repls without any code where people just chat. Should the system catch this, should they be removed? They don’t have any code and people can say some weird stuff in those chats. I know making a chat app is fine because that includes actual code. So should something be done about these Repls, or is it fine?


This is speculation based on various things I’ve seen and heard:

My thought is that Repls made solely for the purpose of chatting are probably frowned upon, but not necessarily punished, because it is helping with community interaction, although it is not coding. There are some exceptions of course; the PikaBot Repl lives in its own little world with probably the most comments of any Repl in the history of Replit and it has no code except the rules for the bot’s usage.


I have not seen anything in the Terms of Service about chat Repls and that could be why they are so common. (It encourages interaction, but not related to coding)