WHy are Python Repls so large on replit?

Why are Repls so large? A completely blank python Repl is 0.3 Gb?! This seems to only happen recently after they change/upgraded to Nix

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There’s only 10GB of storage, and I’m pushing towards that.
I will most likely subscribe for more storage, but this doesn’t feel right.

Hi @JasonLiu6166 , welcome to the forums!
A Python file has lots of unnecessary modules already installed, but you can try removing them in the poetry.lock and see if that works.
Hope this helps!

That shouldn’t have any effect, as that file is automatically generated/re-generated based on your pyproject.toml file.

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Ok, but remove any files that store extensive modules.

If you remove pyproject.toml, that’ll break the packager.

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No, as in remove these modules in pyproject.toml:

It’ll work, right?

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  1. requests is necessary for poetry to function, which the packager uses. (Which makes poetry required as well)
  2. If you use the Debugger, then you need debugpy as well.
  3. If you want code checks, you need the replit-python-lsp-server as well.
  4. urllib3 is also required for poetry

Leaving you these options for removal:

  1. numpy
  2. flask

The old python files used to be a few megabytes.
The new ones are 0.3 gb when blank…

I tried removing numpy and flask, but it had no effect n file size

I made a python repl and deleted only debugpy and it’s at 0.13 GB


Explorers have gotten access to a new Python template which seems to use less than 50 MiB of storage. Hopefully, that will ship out to everyone soon, as it’s a big improvement compared to the old venv.


Is it the one titled “Python (Beta LSP)”?

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I don’t think so, I think it’s the other one. (Could be wrong though, someone feel free to correct me)


It’s just the default Python template, but only explorers have access to it. There’s basically two versions of that template, explorers get the new beta version, everyone else just gets the old version.