Who is Replits Mascot?

I want to believe Mark is the Replit Mascot, but I don’t know if he’s official or if he’s just a character, or if Replit has a Mascot or if they can make one.


As far as I know Replit has no official mascot. However, Mark is a sort of mascot but I don’t think his official title is “mascot”.


He’s the Mascot because I said so

wait… I know about the replit mark (new logo) but… whose “Mark?” I am infinitely curious now lol

@DaveBoyo go here → https://replit.com/mark, Mark is a character from Kaboom.js, and unofficially is accepted as the “mascot”.


Apparently replit.dev redirects to replit.com/mark.
Mark is a guy that Replit kinda uses for examples, HTML pages, images etc.

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Well, it did earlier; now it redirects to https://replit.com/site/deployments. Based on that though, I wonder if Replit has redirected other URLs to replit.com/mark before.

He’s a funny goofy silly little guy that I watched for hours bounce on a screen