White Panel on Embed Window

There’s a white panel that comes up at the top of my window when I embed a Repl. I tried embedding the same Repl earlier and this didn’t happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @pythankode welcome to the forums!

Do you have any broswer extentions that could be affecting the styling? If not, does this only happen when you embed it on that page or on all pages its embeded on?

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It happens when I do it with other Repls too. Could it be the audio booster that I have (orange icon up top)? Thing is, I’m sure that was on earlier when I didn’t have this problem, but I will turn it off and see what happens.

From the name of the extension probably not. Let me see if I can repro this

Tested and I dont experience this

Well that’s odd. I’m a bit anxious about this because I want to share one of my Repls for some of my friends to play with, but I’m not sure what to do at all.

Thats not possible anymore unless you deploy it. See this for more info Changes to Hosting on Replit!

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@not-ethan @pythankode This could be the update for forking the repls to run it, no?

Yes that will work too, but that slipped my mind…

That requires their friends to have a Replit account to do that though

I saw something about this earlier. Earlier when I didn’t have this problem, I just sent them the link to view it.

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Because they made this change in the past few hours.

Oh wow…so embedding and link sharing just isn’t an option anymore? That’s unfortunate but I assume there must be a good reason for it

That is correct. If you deploy you can still share a link. The reason given was it was way to expensive to continue for free.

Deploying does cost money to do

Alright then. So just to clarify, the only medium to share a Repl for others to try is through deployment. Thanks for the help.

Yes you can use deployments. You friends can also make a Replit account if they dont already, to then fork it and run it themselves

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Alright then. Thanks a lot.

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