Where's my code screen?

I’m doing the 100 days of Python.
I like the Replit concept but I wonder why the interface has to be so hard.
I apparently closed my code screen and I can’t get it back.
I can add a pane in the middle, where my code should go, but I can’t find how to get the code there.
Very annoying! Should not be so hard…
I have my tutorial left, my Console right and I can get all sorts of things in the middle, except for my code…

And apparently I cannot edit my post, so I have to reply.

It’s also annoying that there’s no way to reset the screen. If I close my browser and go back to replit, it has remembered the screen layout…

Have you pressed the name on the file screen? If not, i have a workaround. Press the three dot button, “Add Pane”, open left, then you can go to your file!
If that doesn’t work, can you show a screenshot?

Thanks for your answer.

I already added back the pane, but there’s nothing there.
I’m doing the 100 days of Python, so I have no file to open… I guess?

Ah, I figured it out with your hint.

I have to go to Change tab > Files > Main.py

Like I said, why does it have to be so hard… :roll_eyes:
Can’t find the logic in there…


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