Where is the public URL of my app?


I start my app, then I hit the page:
myapp.myaccount.repl.co (or the alternate myapp–myaccount)

Instead of seeing my app, it redirects automatically to:

In webview, the address at the top used to be the URL to my app, now it’s just “/”. And when I click “open in a new tab” I get to the app but the address is something like a dev URL like:


I’m confused, it used to work fine. I made no changes.
Can someone please explain, what are the public urls of my running repls?

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hey @voxv welcome to the forums!

There isn’t a Public URL anymore, it’s your replit.dev URL (just a local host like VSCode). This is because of recent changes to hosting and removing Legacy Hosting. The local host URL can only be ran while in the editor, if you want to have it run outside of the editor you will need to Deploy. Additionally repl.co no longer exists, once you deploy it will become a replit.app domain (unless you connect a custom domain through deployments).

I hope this helps!