Where is svelte debugger

Hi, I’m using replit for testing a svelte app.
There’s no debugger option / icon, how can I activate the debugger?
Thanks for any help

Hi @mdavid it might have been due to an issue where the test option vanished from replit yesterday. Can you please confirm if this is still an issue?

Here’s my replit :


Still no sign of the debugger

Hi @mdavid thanks for getting back to me. I took a look at your Repl and agree there is no debugger option shown.

Please look at this page on the Replit site which explains which languages the debugger is available for: Debugging | Replit Docs

Unfortunately Svelte is not one of the supported languages at this time.

Hi Ian, thanks for checking this out.
Seems strange that only certain languages have have the debugger option as it’s one of the web
browser’s development tools - F12 and Repl runs in the browser.

  1. Replit doesn’t run in the browser. It runs on containers that run on Replit servers.
  2. Even if it did run in the browser, there are a lot of languages with different syntax, debuggers, etc. The built-in browser debugger would work only for JS.
  3. As far as I know, you can’t access developer tools in a website meaning that they’d still have to create their own debuggers.

Hope that made sense. I struggled putting it into words.

Makes sense, struggles appreciated.


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