Where is replit link repl.co

hi why i dont have webview and replit link like https://****repl.co

Welcome to Replit Ask! What language is your repl using? Did you start a webserver that listens on


thansk , I am using blank repl

Welcome to the community, @weebsupporter! If you are building a website, then I would recommend to use the HTML, CSS,JS template.

hi thanks , no im not building a website ,Previously this option existed for blank repl i mean link and webview :frowning:

Well, webview is for a website, so I don’t think you can use it for a blank repl, I might be wrong though.


I think it’s because you started a server before manually.

Just wondering, why do you need a webview but you’re not making a website?


hi, unless you have a webserver, replit doesn’t have anything to show for the repl.co url

if you visit it ([repl-name].[user-name].repl.co) you will see something like run the repl to view the results – nothing to see here!

If you mean to preview the terminal results, that was repl.run. This was removed because of security vulnerabilities and it’s no longer.

You’ll just have to share the cover page link instead unfortunately.


noice we have the og answering for us


lol i recently found this forum


orz og Mr. Coder100 chad

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I don’t know either :laughing: I am following a tutorial

hey, the tutorial may be outdated, anything before 2020 I’m pretty sure is not the same replit as the replit now

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