Where is my console?

All I’m trying to do is to practice some Javascript algorithms and data structures, simple! I’m trying to set it up WITH the console to run and check my code and it is just giving me the hardest time!

This are the exact sets that I have taken:

  • I clicked on ‘+ Create’
  • I searched through the templates and selected ‘JavaScript Extension’
  • I deleted all of the files (because I didn’t think I needed them since I’m just trying to test simple JS code) and created just an index.js file
  • I wrote my code snippet but on the right side to be tested, I have the split window so that you can select different tools, but there is no console

I know I must be doing something wrong because this should be so much easier!!!

Hey @niesssiobhan, welcome to the community!

That is only for Replit extensions. You should have used the Node.js template.

P.S I typed as fast as I could when I saw Ian was typing lol, I am way too competitive


Hi @niesssiobhan welcome to the community!

I think the easy answer is that you have chosen the wrong template to test out your Javascript code. I usually use the node.js template.

With this template you should be able to see a console.

Hope this helps!