Where is code format for python?

Where is code re-formatting for python? Or, what happened to code formatting in python?

By re-formatting I mean fixing up the spacing between functions, for instance. Convention is two lines before a function definition.

I am 95% sure that replit offered the ability to reformat code using the contextual (right-click) menu. No matter where I look it seems to have disappeared (or, maybe replit never offered this?). All I see now is some useless AI button and an indent formatting button.

FYI I created a new Python repl from scratch to test the behavior in case it was a corruption of an existing repl.

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@EricDunbar1

Try installing a Replit extension, such as Prettier. Based on my experimentation, code formatting is indeed gone on my end.

use CtrlS or the format button next to the currently open code tab.


The problem is that I tried on a js file and nothing popped up for some reason… Maybe I’m using a rogue adblock?

Thank you. To confirm to anyone else looking for this solution, it does work for Python in replit.

PS A favourite of mine is ‘black’ if there is no inbuilt (re)formatter.

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you just reminded me and I updated my black template to use the updated language server.


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