Where have boosts gone?

Have they remove the ability to boost Repls? I cant find anyway to turn on any form of boosts. Are they gone?

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Yeah… new pricing.

Either you are Free and have no access to always-on, or boost, or the use of credits.

Or you are a Core subscriber but then you have to pay $240/year or $20/month. (or if you buy before next January, $120/year as a temporarily promo.)

Hacker plan, Pro, credits and all that is gone.

You do get more with Core than you did with the precious Pro plan, but for those of use that don’t need a way powerful workspace, better support, or AI tools, there is no affordable option. It’s either free or $20/month

And yeah, it sucks.

Right now it’s way cheaper to rent a VPS to publish your project on than it is to use Replit. It’s honestly pretty baffling.

Seems like Replit is hoping to break into enterprise for the sake of hobbyists and enthusiasts.


So its as I feared, they have removed boosting Repls. Seems quite counter-intuitive to me, as it means less people will spend money on cycles. so in general, cycles have lost the majority of their uses and value.

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Always-on is being removed with Deployments. I believe boosts such as CPU (and stuff like that) are still going to be around, but I don’t exactly know (I think you can still get it for free plan, who knows).


You can deploy as a free user to a “dedicated” VM using credits.

The cheapest offering is $6.40/month for a 0.25 CPU (whatever that means), 1GB RAM, and 10GB regress. You can “boost” these but the next tier is already $12/month for a 0.5 CPU, 2GB RAM VM.

To compare, CodeSandbox gives you a 2 CPU, 2GB RAM VM for free.

At IonSwitch a 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 1TB data VM costs you 3.50/month.

I really don’t understand Replit pricing here. How did Replit went from such an affordable, hobbyist-focused, tool to one of the most expensive offerings?

yea, I hate there being no affordable option, I wish I could select the features I want to use and only pay for those

Wow, thats really bad. It seems the path of greed has been followed to such an extent that seemingly every other company is better.

yea, a lot of companies are following down this dark path

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Maybe one day we will be able to leave the dark path. Hopefully, they can at least see that a happy community is generally one that is more willing to pay more.

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Replit has made several posts on Twitter/X saying that the free tier is soon to receive a massive upgrade. Unfortunately they took away stuff before adding more but it should work itself out in the end.


Yeah, but have they followed through with any of these promises? When was the last time free users got more stuff?