Where do I find the PATH variable file?

I’m getting an error for incompatible versions of chrome and chromedriver.
It yields a following error:

The chromedriver version (108.0.5359.71) detected in PATH at /nix/store/i85kwq4r351qb5m7mrkl2grv34689l6b-chromedriver-108.0.5359.71/bin/chromedriver might not be compatible with the detected chrome version (115.0.5790.170); currently, chromedriver 115.0.5790.170 is recommended for chrome 115.*, so it is advised to delete the driver in PATH and retry

I think I need to get to the PATH file and modify the folder path for the newer chromedriver.

I have the same error…were you able to solve it?

Yes, the steps proposed in this thread fixed it.