Where did the extension store go?

Problem description:
When your in a Repl and you click the magnifying glass at the top right, and then you click extensions, there should a store option, but there isn’t.

There are tons of extensions there that don’t appear on the extensions tab.

Expected behavior:
It should show an extensions store, which contains tons of extensions.

Actual behavior:
It just shows extensions devtools and stuff

Steps to reproduce:
If your in a Repl, click the magnifying class at the top right of the screen, then click extensions, and it should show the extensions devtools and stuff.

Safari/IPadOS 16.4.1(A)/IPad (8th Generation)

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Do you mean that you cannot access the Extensions page shown below?

Or do you mean something else?

If you could share a screenshot of your issue that would help identify if it is a bug report or something else.



There used to be a menu where you can search for extensions that aren’t shown on that store, when Extensions were in beta:


This was what I meant, and I really want it back. It had so many useful extensions that don’t appear on the extensions page


After looking through the minified webpack source, I found that adding

isExtension = true

to .replit and then reloading the tab makes the old Extensions tab come back.
Edit: I also found the docs page for it: https://docs.replit.com/programming-ide/configuring-repl#extension


I added that, and reloaded, but nothing happened, apart from the extension devtools showing.

Well that kind of works but you can’t see the Extension store there:



They literally just updated it to have an unverified extensions drop-down in the extensions store.

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