Where can I find and create custom themes?

Answer, please

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@progyboy

Unfortunately, Replit has removed the link to the theme page from the main page. But the theme page still exists, and you can find it at this link: https://replit.com/themes .

It seems to me that it was removed from the main page for a reason, and that after some time this page may be completely deleted. This is just my guess.


What for Replit did this?

No, they’re not removing themes, since you can still find them in settings

I forgot that they are in the settings… It seemed strange to me to remove the link to this important page, which is practically part of the community (as well as the Replit Ask, the link to which was also removed).

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Nope, the link to the Replit Ask in the “?” button - Ask the community

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I think it was stupid to hide the link to the themes in settings.