Where are files from Nix packages stored?

I’m trying to create a complex Replit template using some Nix packages
and I’m having trouble accessing some files…and I’m a bit of a Nix newb.

Here is the situation. I created a repl based off a Python repo. That
Python program needs to talk to a Bitcoin Lightning node, an LND
node. I want that node running in the same repl and so I’m using
Nix to run bitcoind and LND nodes. …here is the problem. In order
for my Python program to talk to my LND node, I need to give it some permission files generated by my LND node, but I can’t seem to find or access those files created by the Nix package. There isn’t a CLI command for me to use to print out the contents of the files needed, and I can’t seem to access the files via the command line.

I can see that my LND instance is here,
/nix/store/xzcayjii177s5yaq5qa9gq5lmcgi266y-lnd-0.16.2-beta/bin/lnd but
I’ve searched all throughout the /nix directory and not been able to find these files. I’ve also ran a number of searches of the file system without luck.

I’ve asked the AI bot for assistance, but it did it not have any suggestions besides the above. And so now I ask real humans! …do any of y’all have any ideas for me?
Where are files from Nix packages stored?


I found them! …in a very sensible place, /home/runner/.lnd

It’s still a mystery as to why my search didn’t find the files, but as this problem has been solved, I’ll close this one.


The reason your search didn’t find them is because code search only searches for files in /home/runner/REPL-SLUG, where REPL-SLUG is your Repl’s slug (e.g. Elemental-Conquest for a Repl named Elemental Conquest).

I’m also pretty sure there’s a way to read them, since you can’t access them within the editor, but I forgot.

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