When using iOS device to edit repl on web browser, every non-text tabs freezes

Problem description:
So I am someone who can barely use my computer so I usually use my iPad to code in replit, and somehow I cannot use my App Store to install replit so I use web browser (chrome) to access replit.

My home wifi isn’t stable so it became no internet once in like 5 minutes for at most 5 seconds before connecting me back with usual (kinda fast) speed, Apple decided to make the iPad disconnects every time my wifi go no internet so replit shows the offline status once in a while (kinda off topic but Apple please care about your users’ experiences)

And every single time replit reconnects successfully all non-text tab just freezes, including output/webview (actually both), AI, Chat and Extensions. Output/webview no longer respond or change, AI respond every single prompt with message chunk timed out, other just freezes as well

The only things that records my changes after the reconnect are text-based tabs, like code files, console and shell, nothing more.

Expected behavior:
They act just like before the reconnect

Actual behavior:
Most freezes

Steps to reproduce:
I am not actually sure, but probably disconnect your internet and quickly reconnects it?

Bug appears at:
Every repl

Browser: Chrome
OS/Device: iPadOS, iOS
Plan (Free, Replit Core): Free