When is this year's summer hackathon?

Previous summer hackathon dates have been:

  • 2022: May 23rd - Jun 23rd
  • 2021: August 3rd - August 31st
  • 2020: August 10th - August 31st

It’s 9th August now, and I haven’t seen any mention of this year’s summer hackathon. Anyone know anything more?


Should start soon, considering that summer is almost over. Good question!


Hey there! We’ve been focusing our efforts on organizing and attending in-person hackathons this summer, so we don’t have any Replit-official virtual hackathons slotted for this summer. If you are passionate about organizing your own Replity hackathon, let me know, and I might be able to help out!


If it’s a physical hackathon, then other people from other parts of the world won’t be able to participate… unlike online ones.


Hey @CodingCactus!

Like @LenaAtReplit said we should create our own (if I were to attend it would be my first one :tada:!). We would just need to figure out how to execute it correctly, possibly setting up some sort of collab with a few people from the Ask community.

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If you join I’ll invite you guys to a Repl so we can make it.


Or setting up a team where people enter their submissions?