When Is The Cycles Coming Out

I really want to see cycles come out, when will it?
Thank You!

We do not know when or if they are coming out. I hope they do get launched thought.

They recently announced that they are coming out later today. The announcement my a Replit staff member

:rotating_light: You can now make your repls private and more powerful without Hacker! :rotating_light:


This week, we’ll be rolling out Replit’s digital tokens Cycles, starting today with Explorers! Cycles can be used to purchase Private Repls, Always On, and Boosts à la carte. Cycles can be added to any plan so if you already have a Hacker subscription, you can go beyond the 5 Repls limit for Boosts & Always On!

What are Cycles? Today you can buy things on Replit with them. Tomorrow? Who knows! Or maybe you do? :exploding_head: Over the next few months, you might find some surprises and easter eggs surrounding Cycles as they become a core primitive for you to earn and exchange value on Replit and maybe even program with. :cyclone:

We need your help & feedback to build the future of Cycles here:
Cycles Feedback - Replit

We’ll also be doing special sessions with Amjad(amasad (Amjad Masad) - Replit). Keep an :eyes: out!!

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Also post updates on how to earn cycles like a chart what task will give you what amount of cycles token and what is cost of 1 private repl and so on.