When i type img tag img never showns


Current behavior:

Desired behavior

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Hey @jekabsvilmanis0 welcome to the forums!

Thank you for your post and sorry that you are experiencing issues. However, we may not be able to help you with this issue if you do not complete the template fields fully.

Without a code excerpt and/or the link to your Repl there won’t be much we can do to help you. A screenshot of the expected output would also be appreciated.

The more information you provide at the start, the easier it will be to identify the problem.

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this (HTML try out) is the repl we found on your replit, but it seemed that all image displays all fine

Can you provide come screenshots that shows your img tag not working? It may be your client side problem, instead of server side(replit, and your code)

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No woreies i already fixed it but thanks

@s3D27ZHOU via Replit Ask <notifications@replitteams.discoursemail.com> (šajā datumā: piektd., 2023. g. 3. nov. 16:22) rakstīja:

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Can you explain how you fixed your problem?

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