When i try to reset my password i dont get the email, and my google account is scheduled to be deleted

My account was created with a school google account that is scheduled to be deleted.
When i try to reset my password i dont get any emails, and therefore i cant change the email adress to my private one. I don’t think i have created a password, and if so i have forgotten about it.

Any way i could get help? I havent found a way to contact someone at repl, so i hope this is the right place to ask.

Please contact Replit in https://replit.com/support or send an email to contact@replit.com


If they can’t migrate it or change your information as the other person suggested, I would suggest just downloading all your Repls and loading them onto a new account (or forking them), as well as other things like your bio and display name.

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I would highly recommend forking your Repls to a new account if your deadline is about to expire, while tedious, it ensures you will keep your Repls safe incase something happens. Replit staff is usually on top of things, but its better to be on the safe side :smiley: