When I run my repl it tells me: "Not found" in the web view

I thought that it was something with me renaming all the pictures but I don’t think that’s the problem.

Im new to replete so I don’t know how to use it, compared to just running it in a

Could you post a link to your Repl? This may help the community resolve your issue.

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I don’t see how this will help but here


Can you please share a link to the cover page of the repl?

What’s that and how do I get to it?

Its called “MK8D Items Guidebook” if that helps

I found it. https://replit.com/@NOLANBALADI/MK8D-Items-Guidebook?v=1

This isn’t a bug.

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So I can’t have my main HTML file not be named index.html?

Correct. But you can just make the index.html file a redirect to a different file.

I did that and my whole page reloaded into a view window is that supposed to happen?

I dont understand. Can you elaborate?

oh wait I just wasn’t signed in: simple misunderstanding

It works now, thanks for the advice

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