When I compleate a bounty it shows less amount earned

For Example:- I have recently completed 32000 cycles bounty but it’s showing 30000 cycles earned.
Can Someone Explain this to me why is this happening.

Hey @anotherone20, welcome to the forums!

Basically, Replit takes a cut from your earnings. I know, it’s very misleading.

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No its showing remaining cycles in my account but they are not in earned bounties.

Could you please clarify what you mean?

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see this happens i git bounty of 32000 cycles but earned 30000 cycles from it only. but showing rest of the cycles as well.

Yes, this is expected. As I said, Replit took a cut of the cycles.

yeah its showing cycles in my account but its not showing in the earned cycles.

Because you only earned 30k from bounties. The other 6k are cycles you got from other things.

I was on the impression that person who post the bounty task already paid replit cut with is 10% posting a bounty fee and that figure of cycles is what bounty hunter earn from bounty when complited.

Bounty hunter only have to pay only extra cut if he or she cash out cycles and transform them to real money that is 25%.

If there is some type of third replit cut taken away then it is very misleading and I cant find anything about it from docs. Other than 10% posting a bounty fee and 25% cash out fee.

no that what I’m telling i earned all these bounties using bounty hunting only. no other source.

yes you got it right i 6000 cycles from bounty but its not showing in the earned cycles.

If it is not updating properly it also could be bug in replits back-end or visual UI bug where earnings are correctly inserted in cycle account but UI wont update properly…

so is there any solution to it or i just leave it as it is.

That number is just an approximation to the nearest 10,000 or 5,000 cycles, 32,000 is closer to 30,000 than to 35,000 or 40,000. You should see the actual amount reflected in the ‘My Cycles’ tab. The cut Replit takes only comes out if/when you cash out your cycles, not before hand, so you should expect to receive the full cycle amount.


Oh Thanks a lot thanks for telling me this. I did’t know about it .

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