When I click start the replit stops itself

When ever I press start to run my code, it just stops itself without saying anything or showing anything. Any help?

Please share the repl link

Hey @ChaseKorabek welcome to the forums!

Thank you for your post and sorry that you are experiencing issues. However the Replit support team may not be able to help you with this issue if you do not complete the template fields fully.

Without knowing the expected and actual behaviour (screenshots are fine for this section) as well as the link to your Repl and the steps a member of the support team will need to follow to reproduce the error there won’t be much we can do to help you.

The more information you provide at the start, the easier it will be to identify if your bug report is an issue or a misunderstanding.


This is the replit it is happening in.

Hey @ChaseKorabek!
In your code you defined the function rand_greeting(), but never called the funciton.
The solution to your problem is to add the code rand_greeting() under where the function is defined, AKA calling the function.

import random

def rand_greeting():
  greetings = ["Hello!", "Hey", "How has your day been?", "Nice to meet you", "great day", "How is the weather?", "How have you been recently?"]
  index = random.randint(0, len(greetings)-1)


This code would run just fine!
Good luck!