When ghostwriter will support gpt4 new API docs?

when ghostwriter will support gpt4 new API docs? tried a few ways to get a good suggestion but it wont work

worked well with gpt-3 text-davinci-003 completions endpoint… so, when update?

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We don’t have an estimate on when Ghostwriter will support GPT-4.
What do you mean by “API docs”?


to use API documentation to suggest a code or to use gpt4 lib

he means when will ghostwriter switch from using gpt3-turbo to using gpt4


Customization and programmatic manipulation of Ghostwriter is not something we want to support just yet.

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So, ghostwriter isn’t a tool for advanced software engineers, right? Because it isn’t up to date with the latest libs and documents… it’s a shame, I was thinking to subscribe the pro version