When creating a file, if selecting the file extension from given list, it creates 2 files

Problem description:
2 bugs:

  1. When creating a file, let’s say page.html, I enter it in the textbox.
    creating page.html
    Then, let’s say I press on the page.html option. What happens then is that it creates 2 files:
  • page
  • page.html

    2 files
  1. A similar bug also occurs if you enter the filename, then click out of the textbox. It creates just a file with the filename, like page.


Expected behavior:
It should create the file selected (for 1st)/not at all (for 2nd)

Actual behavior:
It creates 2 files (for 1st) and an unnecessary file (for 2nd)

Steps to reproduce:
See Problem description

Bug appears at this link:
Any repl.

Browser: Chrome
OS: Windows
Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank): Laptop
Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA: NA
Plan (Free, Replit Core): Free


This is very annoying whenever I create files, as I have to go and delete the file created.
Can this be fixed?

You’ll just have to type the extra 5 characters .html for now. For me at least, typing .py is faster than clicking.

Who knows how long it’ll take for this bug to be fixed, possibly a week, a month, or never.
Only 1/6 of my bug reports have been solved as far as I know.

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@NateDhaliwal I’ll get this filed with the team. Since there is a workaround by typing out the extension, this may not be as high a priority, but I’ll make sure it gets on the backlog for a fix. Thanks for reporting and happy holidays!


This should be fixed now. Thanks again for reporting.

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