What's the purpose of the Replit database?

One of my goals this year was to switch my full-time IDE to Replit. And so far things have been great.

I’ve been able to build static pages super easily (no more npm!).

However now I’m trying to build a full-stack app and realized Replit doesn’t let me run MongoDB locally.

That’s a bit annoying (though I got over it by running MongoDB in the cloud, so no big deal).

However I came across Replit’s database and found it intriguing, but I don’t understand its purpose.

It has limited resources so I can’t use it on a full-stack production app. So why write code using it at all? Either way when I eventually publish I won’t be able to use it…

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this is exactly it, do not write code with it for large scale stuff. It not only will have have limited space but easily gets ratelimited, MAYBE try the PostgreSQL by neon, but I’d recommend something else as it is very expensive, maybe a NoSQL like Mongo

so yeah, it’s basically meant for small scale things that are built on replit, or a way to easily setup a temp database that you can test stuff on without having to go through the hassle of making a full new database as it is builtin to every repl