Whats the point in getting online ceritificates?

Is getting online certificates for courses really worth it when you can just speed run it

Asking from a job perspective
like idk most of my friends just speed run them without getting any real benefits form it

So whats stopping others from doing it
its like 1 more to the millions why would the certificate even matter then or will it ?

Im talking about the courses on Coursera , etc.

Should i waste [ i call it a waste because i think youtube has a lot of the content for free and with a lot of options , etc ] my time doing these certifications or build some working projects which will indirectly , directly make me better in that technology + will get me real experience.

Ik this is not replit related but just looking for some guidance from ppl in the same area
Ty for helping btw , kinda confused with the whole system , dont get what exactly i am running for .


I mean for me, it really depends. That’s it. If the course is taught by a prestigious professor from Harvard (or really any college level course) then it’s definitely a resume booster if it has a letter grading system and you score well. Imma ping an employer and see what he looks for @whileTRUEpass

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Personally I’m not a huge fan of getting certificates for course completion as the courses can easily be “speedran”. Regardless, if you’re looking for a job you’ll need something to put on your resume.

Typically, someone will list a bunch of projects they put into production, experience, or certificates on their resume.


Depending on the certificate your trying to obtain, working to get it can teach you more than learning through normal lessons


I can only agree, it makes us looks twice. But in the end it is what you did that matter the most.


oh my gosh I apologize so much I had a typo for “hired” and it got autocorrected to “fired” I apologize I meant hired XD