What's going on with the python debugger?

Whenever I try to debug q python file, this shows up.

Firstly, please send the code or else I really can’t help very well. Second, from what I can tell, basically you should as a first shot run pip install debugpy in shell. If that doesn’t work, then link the repl


The code does not matter. I am unable to debug the simplest of code. You can try it yourself.
This is the link to the repl →

The program works fine though. I just tried it. The addition works.

The program works fine, it runs but debugging is the problem.

Why do you need to debug the program if it works fine?

If the program doesn’t work, I wouldn’t be able to use the debugger.

Erm… what exactly do you mean?

If there’s some program that doesn’t work and I want to debug, I won’t be able to do so.

So you are trying to say that the debugger doesn’t work in all of your repls? Or is it just this one?

Just python and by the way, pip install debugpy also doesn’t work.

Hmm… odd. Try using the in-built debugger in your repl. It’s under the ‘Tools’ tab.

I am using that only.

The above problem is about the debugger in the tools section that too only in Python, the debugger works when I use it for C.

So it doesn’t work in Python but it works in C? That’s weird.

Hey @RadioactiveCoda!

I apologize for the delay. We will look into this and will follow up if we have any updates!