What strange things has AI generated for you?

I’ll start first.

So, around 6 months ago, I was trying out Ghostwriter’s Generate Code feature in a Node.js Repl and gave it the prompt “chat app”, and this is what it generated…


Very cool, right?
I’m interested to see other strange things AI has generated, so if you have or can remember anything like that piece of code up there, please post it here!


Not sure how, but I believe after almost 15 minutes of back and forth, I somehow convinced ChatGPT 1+1 was 3. Tried it again recently, but no luck. Still pretty funny though

I have a collection of strange AI content at pikabot-archives.coderelijah.repl.co. I am working on a remake at bot-archives.mentions.repl.co, but it is not finished yet.

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