What should Moogle work on next?

Continuing the discussion from Moogle:: Google for cows, completely open source, forever:

We are halfway done with Moogle Forms. After this, what should we work on next?

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  • Moogle Docs
  • Moogle Slides
  • Moogle Sheets
  • Something else (post below)
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Meanwhile, until this poll is closed, I’ll be working on Moogle Slides.

What is moogle coded in?

Python, mainly for the backend, and HTML/CSS/JS for the frontend.

Are you in need of a UI designer, logo designer or front end dev?

We already have all the developers.

What about a UI designer? As in designing layouts that the front end devs can work off of to more efficiently create Moogle.

In the post above, we already had a poll about who wanted to be a dev

Moogle slides because we can copy pasta some stuff after into Docs, but not vice versa.

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To be honest, make the actual search engine be… well, a search engine. Meaning:

  • the search engine depends on a crawler, not an actual sites.json file that is edited manually
  • make the UI similar to any search engine homepage (Google, Firefox, Edge, etc.)
  • give something only your engine can give. this basically is the reason your engine would be preferred over others. and to be honest, it’s probably cows.
  • provide things that other engines have.

Your current one, located here does… not look like an engine. Considering the fact that Moogle is a search engine, this is bad. You should work on the actual site BEFORE working on everything else. You can’t make a building without the foundation.

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Yea, I get that… But I don’t know how to make one.

We’ve been working on that.


Ok as well.

Very true indeed.

I guess you could say that. I wouldn’t completely agree with you.

Yes, I know. I found everything else easier, however, and decided to work on that instead.

@NoNameByProgram Would you like to help with the search engine? If you answer yes, you can create a fork for yourself, invite us to collaborate, and you’ll be added as a developer.

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sure. i don’t see any reason not to!

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The reason I’d like to join Moogle as a UI designer is for this exact reason.


Hmmm… Looks like we’re working on Moogle Docs.