What should I flag a post as?

Flagging is a very important part of moderation here. It brings bad content to the attention of moderators. Note you need to be at least TL1 to flag here.

When flagging you will have 5 options.

  1. You can send a message to the author of the post explaining what is wrong with it. This option should almost NEVER be used. The 1 time it can be used is if a TOPIC is in the wrong category so the author can fix that without mod intervention.

The following options will bring it to the attention of a mod.

  1. It's Off-Topic. For topics, you can use this or the previous option if a topic is in the wrong category. For posts/replies use it when they ARE ALLOWED on the forum but should be part of a different topic or its own.

  1. It's Inappropriate. Use this when something is N.S.F.W.. This includes swearing, inappropriate images, and phrases. One way to help determine if the posts fit this is if you would show them to your grandma, if yes no need to flag if no flag it.

  1. It's Spam. Use this when the post is an advertisement. One very IMPORTANT thing to note is if the user posting is affiliated but they disclose it in the post (like shown below) it is ok to post if it is N.S.F.W. and follows all other rules.

This website I made will have some tools that may help you with this. example.com.


  1. Something Else. Use this when it does not fit any other options or you are not sure what to choose. When flagging as this make sure to include detail and not just bad post.
    Sometimes you should use this flag when another flag type is ideal but the mod may not see the reasoning behind it. For example, let’s say the post is a spam link and it has a lot of other ok links. Use this flag and say what link is spam and why you believe it is.
    You should also use this flag when a user vandalizes a wiki post so the edit can be rolled back the user is messaged about it.
    AND DONT message a user yourself about it WITHOUT permission from a mod.

What if a post fits many different flag options?

This happens sometimes and you should use the most powerful or worst flag that fits the post. Here is the order you should follow.

  1. Spam
  2. Inappropriate
  3. Depends on the post.
    a. If it’s a minor rule that is broken like signing your posts flag as Something Else.
    b. If it breaks a minor rule and should be in a different topic flag as Off topic or Something Else.
    c. For point a you can also flag it to message the author of the post though it does not matter if you choose that or Something Else.
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