What should I do on this Syntax Error?

how do i fix this line of code error? it kept talking about async and ytdl-core, reinstalling npm and ytdl-core does not change anything, still the same outcome.
link to the repl. bot - Bash Repl - Replit

Hi @stellaren welcome to the community!!

Is it possible for you to share a link to the Repl so that other users in this community can take a look and suggest ideas?

At first glance it is a syntax error which would make me want to look at the code after the “try” line and ensure that the “finally” or “catch” is there and not being skipped for some reason.

Thanks @stellaren I had a look at a forked version of your code and couldn’t see any obvious errors. However I cannot replicate your error fully because I don’t have this linked to the same credentials (for security)

I suggest taking a look at line 26 of musicutils.js

I might be wrong but I think there should be a semi colon at the end of the line.

@IanAtReplit, In most JavaScript projects, semicolons aren’t necessary anymore.

@stellaren, please could you share the entire error log?

@DillonB07 sure, thanks for highlighting this. I thought that it might be causing the try / catch error.